In Ximen, intersected with Sining South Road and Tattoo street, Somebody catches passengers' eyes by her remarkably white. Somebody is a place carried with colorful dreams and wholehearted passions. Founded by the design team 26Creative 貳拾陸巷 in autumn 2007, the stylist Francis and her friends decorate this two-floor space with diverse and creative artifacts. Not merely a simple store, this "shelter" also represents as a Gallery for stylish handicrafts and graffiti; a Shop for gifts and unique souvenir; a Café for tastes both in Fashion and Nostalgia; a Studio for designers' endless and cherished desires.

Shop at the 2F demonstrates various high-quality and distinguishing handworks, with mostly black-and-white patterns and vivid cartoons. Any surfaces you can perceive, Design is omnipresent! Upon smooth window; along bent umbrella; even on soft pillow; and so forth. Numerous surprises often happen on tiny and unexpected areas. Be curious, you will be satisfied with your own exploring and imagination.

Café at the 3F unfolds a flexible room by montaging sets of school tables and chairs. Suddenly, a gigantic table gives you illusion being in childhood again; or just acts as Alice in her adventures in wonderland, only 10-inch-high when drinking the magic liquid. Anyway, visitors all feel happy to be childish at this very moment.

Friendly staffs in Somebody supply me coffees and handmade cookies in thoughtful services, sometimes when luckily, the special not listing on menu will be served. Among tasted beverages during the past 4 days, my favorite is "Hot Cocoa with Marshmallow". This chocolate impresses me by its charming appearance, tender touch, and mellow tastes. What I recall is the happiness of the movie "The Holiday (2006)", father Graham satisfy her two lovely daughters with "Hot Cocoa with Marshmallow", in responses of their adorable smiles.

Just after Chinese new year vacation (2/13~2/17), TerryWu visits Somebody with my three friends and my mother, respectively. We mutually share our own feelings and memories. Actually, we do have a great time there.
Last but not the least, come Somebody, you are extremely welcomed!

P.S. Hours 13:00-22:00 || Closed on Mondays.