My Loving Zappin as Heart

The days of becoming unplugged during a run or workout are over. With the remarkable design of the compact NWZ-W202BLK W Series Walkman® MP3 player, you never have to worry about dangling wires again. With 2GB of memory built directly into the high-grade Sony headphones, you can focus on your next activity with complete wireless freedom. There's even a Zappin™ feature that scans through your tunes by playing a portion of the main melody and letting you choose to skip or play it. It includes a handy dock, perfect for charging and loading your music.

Music you can wear

This exclusive MP3 player’s unique spiral form fits compactly around your head so you can now be hands-free and totally cord-free.

Ready to jog

Find the perfect music for the moment, by Zappin™ forward, allowing you to easily navigate through your song collection by playing back main melodies or by using the Jog Dial™ to scroll and select your ideal track without the need for buttons.

Quick charge

The sleek, standalone charger with USB connection gives a 90 minute charge in just 3 minutes. With a total battery life of over 12 hours, you don’t have to put your life on hold.2

Clear sound

The wearable 13.5mm EX headphones1 offer exceptional sound quality with “clear audio technology” and maximum comfort while insulating sound through the hybrid silicone structure.