Whose Chemistry Attracts

Chemistry.com is an online dating service. It is a sister site of Match.com and was established by a team who worked for the company.[1] The site's policies involve pairing members specifically for long-term relationships using methods it refers to as "compatibility" and "chemistry", hence its namesake.

Chemistry.com's matching algorithm was designed by Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropology professor and scholar, and features interviews and contributions from her along with MSN spaces page, "The Great Mate Debate".[2] On January 30, 2009, ABC's 20/20 aired a two-hour special featuring Dr. Fisher and discussing her theory and research behind the Chemistry.com personality test and matching.

The website became notable after several ads portrayed online daters who were rejected by eHarmony, including one which featured a gay man, highlighting the fact that eHarmony will not match people with individuals of the same gender. [3][4]

In April 2008, Chemistry launched a new set of advertisements signifying the second phase of its long-term strategy, by taking the conventional wedding vows shared between two people and re-inventing them "Chemistry style".