ICME 2009

Emotion's crucial role in musical experience has long been the object of philosophical reflection and empirical study. Contemporary work on music and emotion is happening in fields as diverse as aesthetics, psychology, sonic arts, evolutionary biology, anthropology, and neuroscience. Ironically, the subject is relatively neglected by music theory itself. This conference — organised by the Society for Music Analysis — brings together international experts in all these disciplines within a single forum to analyse and theorise ways in which emotion is encoded, mediated and unfolded by musical sounds and structures; and how musical emotion is measured, modelled and conceptualised.

Featuring a large number of invited speakers, the conference will promote a dialogue between music theorists, psychologists, philosophers, and scientists. The aim is to foster the growth of music and emotion as a general field: to share concepts, definitions, and methodologies; to communicate technical and practical knowledge across disciplinary boundaries; to improve consensus and thereby develop a framework to guide future research.